Motivational Quote Masterpost


Back in the day, I used to have a tumblr that I loved. I haven’t been active on it in a while but recently I looked back at it and went through some of my favorite images and quotes. As I was scrolling through, I realized how therapeutic it was for me at the time and I thought I would share some of my favorites here. I want to be very clear that I did not make any of these, these are images I found online or on tumblr that I love and that have inspired me. Because there are so many it would be really hard and time consuming to give individual credit to them all but I’ll link to my tumblr here and you should be able to see the original post from there if you’re interested. Just a warning if you do check out my tumblr, it wasn’t all puppies, sunshine, and flowers (though most of it is), there are some posts/images relating to sadness, anxiety, self-hatred, etc. This is just a small percentage but I figure I’ll throw the warning out there just in case. Anyways, I want to focus on the positive so I’ve collected my favorite “feel better” inspirational/motivational  quotes. Hopefully they can help pick you up if you’re having a rough time or just give you an extra boost of self-love.

you are more lovely

dont be so hard on yourself

letting go

smile everyday

far from what i once was

if we wait

happiness will come your way

fall in love with yourself


I hope these quotes have inspired you or maybe helped you feel a bit better after a bad day. Leave one of your favorite inspirational quotes in the comments and let’s keep spreading the positivity and love!

-xo Kate




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