Playlist: When You Want to Give Up


Everyone has those moments when they feel down, whether they’re just having a terrible day or suffering from something far more serious like anxiety or depression.

I’ve always relied on music to help me cope, especially lyrics. I just love finding songs that are beautiful, poetic, and relatable. The inspiration that music and lyrics can bring me is such a great way to feel better and can be extremely therapeutic.

I know that when I start to feel sad or hopeless I usually avoid songs that will make me feel better because I want to wallow in it (I have a whole playlist called “Songs to listen to when sad” that’s hundreds of songs long – I just put that baby on shuffle and I’m set). However, sometimes it’s good to have a way to make yourself feel better, to know you’re not alone in feeling this way and that you can overcome anything.

These are just a few of my favorite lyrics that always make me feel better when I hear them. They’re just so sincere, you really do start to believe them yourself. They’re all from Sleeping at Last because in my opinion, lyrically, there’s no one better.

“with each year, our color fades.
slowly, our paint chips away.
but we will find the strength
and the nerve it takes
to repaint and repaint and repaint every day.”

-North (Sleeping at Last)

“well, we could let our guards down a little easier this time,
we could trust that when there’s joy, there’s nothing dark behind.
in spite of history,
hope is january white.”

January White (Sleeping at Last)

“it must be so hard, in the mess you’re always cleaning up,
to believe in the ghost of unbroken love.
but I promise you,
the truth is that you’re loved. so loved.”

– Silhouettes (Sleeping at Last)

I’ve created a playlist of all my favorite songs that lift me up when I feel down. For each song, I’ve linked to soundcloud and youtube so you can take a listen if you’d like, whichever way is easiest for you.

If even one song is relatable to someone and gets them through a rough time or helps them, then that’s great. I know everyone probably has their own list of songs like this but you can never have too much music or encouragement that everything’s going to be alright.

  1. You Are Enough – Sleeping at Last (Atlas: Light EP) [X] [X]
  2. Everything’s Not Lost – Coldplay (Parachutes) [X] [X]
  3. January White – Sleeping at Last (Yearbook – Collection) [X] [X]
  4. Silhouettes – Sleeping at Last (Yearbook – Collection) [X] [X]
  5. I’ll Be Your Strength – The Wanted (Battleground) [X]
  6. You’ll Be Okay – A Great Big World (Is There Anybody Out There?) [X] [X]
  7. North – Sleeping at Last (Atlas: Land EP) [X] [X]
  8. Sweet Silver Lining – Kate Voegele (A Fine Mess) [X]
  9. Carry You Home – Nashville Skyline [X]
  10. Pluto – Sleeping at Last (Atlas: Space 2 EP) [X] [X]
  11. Up&Up – Coldplay (A Head Full of Dreams) [X]

What are some of your favorite “feel better”, inspirational songs? I’m always looking for new music so leave suggestions in the comments!

-xo Kate


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