About Me!

Hi everyone, I’m Kate! I’m just a 25 year old girl looking to change some things up in her life. I started this blog a couple of years ago in the hopes of changing myself. I set goals and tried to use this blog as a way to keep myself committed and on track. It didn’t really work out. Life gets crazy and busy and things fall through the cracks. This time I’m going to come at things a bit differently. I’m just going to post and write about whatever I feel like. No rules, no guidelines, no forced check-ins on stuff I’ve lost interest in. I’m just going to focus on what makes me happy and share that with whoever is interested.

I’ve completely overhauled this space and deleted almost all of the posts from before (I kept the DIY spa day post because I feel like it’s really in line with what I want this space to be now). Most of my posts will probably be focused on the subscription boxes I receive (I’m kinda obsessed and maybe have a slight problem…), some of my favorite things that I own or have done recently, or maybe just reflections on life. Things might get personal. I’ve never really been one to share my feelings or current life events on social media, etc., mainly because I’ve never felt that people would care. It’s awkward to put yourself out there not knowing if what you’re sharing is important to anybody, so this blog in itself is a huge step out of my comfort zone. However, in the spirit of the name of this blog and what this space used to stand for, I’m just going to go for it and see what happens!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new style and follow if you’re interested!



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  1. mikeakin1 says:

    A very good blog. Also gives you a way to keep track of how well you do on your little mini goals.


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